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......@@ -4,8 +4,6 @@ ii. All textures in maps are pulled from free-to-use repositories, as found and
13:48 <ultrono> yeah, the texture pack readme literally said "you can do anything you want with these"
13:48 <ultrono> I wasn't able to quickly find it via google again lately
13:48 <user282069> lol
13:48 <orodruin> I'm in there user282069
13:49 <ultrono> but this was something like one of the top google (or yahoo?) hits for "free textures" back in 2005
iii. Maps designated uamap1, uamap2, and uamap3 were originally designed and made available by czm in Ultrono Arena. All versions contained herein are based on those versions.
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