Commit 8973d669 authored by user472393's avatar user472393
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promote with game name

parent b3641cc3
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ elo_import () {
spam () {
# advertise player and ratings in channels
for i in "${advertising[@]}"; do
printf '%s\n' "${players[0]} (${elo_db[${players[0]}]%.*}) & ${players[1]} (${elo_db[${players[1]}]%.*}) in $game on $stream_url" |\
printf '%s\n' "${players[0]} (${elo_db[${players[0]}]%.*}) vs. ${players[1]} (${elo_db[${players[1]}]%.*}) in $game on $stream_url" |\
$inwee -b "$i"
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