Commit 86aed335 authored by user472393's avatar user472393
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use xargs to kill. disable twitch ads in streamlink to try and stop losing races to some odd bug

parent 2bfa36b2
......@@ -120,16 +120,15 @@ streamer () {
sourcer () {
sleep 1
info "sourcer funct killing streamlink"
read -ra old < <(pgrep streamlink)
kill "${old[@]}" 2>/dev/null
info "sourcer funct killing streamlinks"
pgrep streamlink | xargs kill 2>/dev/null
info "sourcer funct calling streamlinks"
$streamlink --quiet --twitch-disable-hosting \
$streamlink --quiet --twitch-disable-hosting --twitch-disable-ads \"$player_one" best -O > "$pipe0" &
$streamlink --quiet --twitch-disable-hosting \
$streamlink --quiet --twitch-disable-hosting --twitch-disable-ads \"$player_two" best -O > "$pipe1" &
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